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We here at City Plants thank you for your request to plant a tree on your parkway.Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the tree is properly watered and maintained to ensure that it can grow to become a strong, stable tree.By submitting this form, you commit to help nurture this tree and help us ensure that it grows properly.Please note that your parkway tree request IS NOT complete until you submit this form.
I promise to plant my trees in the ground, take care of them, and watch them grow strong and healthy! I will plant them at the address I have provided, and I agree to allow a program representative access to check on the health of my tree.

*Information required in order to fulfill your request and provide tree care instructions.

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Create Your Tree Planting Plan
Step 1:
  Draw your building boundary? Using your mouse, click the four corners of your building on the Google map provided.
Step 2:
  Select your tree - Choose a type of tree from our list.
TIP: Spacing is important to keep in mind when planting new trees. Think about the full grown size of your new tree and consider the appropriate place to plant it
Step 3:
  Mark your planting location - Mark your tree planting location by dragging the green icon to where you expect to plant your new tree on your property. Please do not plant a yard tree in the parkway, in between the sidewalk and the street. You can always apply for a free street tree from City Plants by filling out our separate Street Tree Application
TIP: Planting trees to the WEST and EAST of your house will cool your house the best and provide the most energy savings. Larger trees will cool your house the most!
Step 4:
  Select more trees - You can receive up to (7) free yard trees from City Plants! If you would like to request more trees, repeat Steps 2-3 by following the instructions.
Step 5:
  Complete registration - Once you are satisfied with your Tree Planting Plan, click "Complete Tree Request," and wait for your new tree(s) to arrive!
TIP: While you are waiting for your tree(s) to arrive, call Dig Alert by dialing 811 to make sure you don't hit underground utility lines as you plant.

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